Ar protest songs


Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys

Tonioù mil-inervet ha kanaouennoù rebell : skipailh Radio Kerne a c’hoari gant ar “protest songs” ! Bec’h deï !

Bob Dylan – Hurricane
The Wolfes Tones – Come Out, Ye Blacks and Tans
Baaziz – Je m’en Fous
Boris Vian – Le Déserteur
Glenmor – La Contre-Marseillaise
Jon Baez – We Shall Overcome
The Exploited – Fuck The USSA
Helen Reddy – I am Woman
Marvin Gay – What’s Going On
Unité Maü Maü – Un Chant Venu de La Terre
U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Tracy Chapman – Talkin ‘Bout the Revolution
N.W.A. – Fuck tha Police
Fela Kuti – Zombie
Tim Robison – Glad to be Gay
Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles

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